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Local Charity Rotation Gives Gets Large Influx for Flood Vict

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Friday, September 17, 2021

Axis. Construction Management supports flood relief efforts.

Bridgeport, Pa — Friday, September 17, 2021 — Rotation Gives, a local music-based charity received a large donation from a local construction management company amid its flood relief efforts. “This large donation was unexpected and allowed us to go from small individual assistance to community-level support and impact to the victims,” said Joe Staiber, Chairman at Rotation Gives.

Flood Response

As the impacts of IDA were hitting, Rotation Gives (a local music-based charity in Norristown) was in touch with several local musicians in the area that were in some of the most affected areas in Bridgeport, Norristown, and West Norriton. “As the waters were rising, we were in direct contact with families whose homes were being overrun with water, we knew we had to jump into action to do whatever we could,” said Staiber. “We were out in the middle of that first night helping to evacuate some, check on others, and bring essentials like towels, blankets, and water to those who had to leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs. Seeing this firsthand and knowing there were hundreds more going through the same thing, we had to do something. These were our neighbors, these were our friends”

The Call for Help

Within hours, the call went out to their supporters and musicians on social media, the donation links were up and the donations started immediately. Rotation Gives was created in March of 2020 when the pandemic put most musicians out of work overnight. Since its inception Rotation Gives has raised and provided over $185,000 in cash and services to those in need. “We pride ourselves on the fact that we can run this charity where the operating costs are covered by its sister companies, Rotation Records & Rotation Productions, allowing 100% of all donations to go where they are intended”, says Rochelle Staiber, Co-Chair of the charity.

To the Rescue

On that first day after the waters receded, they knew so many needed basic help. Rotation Gives knew they couldn’t save homes or replace them due to their relatively small size as a charity, so they wanted to focus on immediate needs like hotel rooms, cash, generators and other small things in cost, but big in support. Then, the call came in that changed everything. Bill Bostic, CEO of Axis. Construction Management in King of Prussia asked how to best get a check to Rotation Gives. Being local, Rotation Gives proceeded to their offices located on Church Rd where a check was waiting that tripled the funding the charity had to date. This allowed Rotation Gives to focus on the community and not just a few families. It was life-changing for so many residents.

When asked for comment, Axis’ CEO Bostic, (who is also a musician) was hesitant, as his first response was to keep the focus on those in need, not his company. When pushed further, Mr. Bostic said the following:

Axis supports many causes, but the Bridgeport area is our direct neighbor, and we’ve never seen this scale of devastation locally. Some people have lost everything! That’s heartbreaking to think about.

We’ve grown accustomed to viewing these images from a safe distance on TV - this is our backyard!

We own property in Norristown and King of Prussia, and we were monitoring the situation closely, but we learned how bad it was for some residents from seeing Rotation’s news feeds and the work they were doing with boots on the ground. We are callused hands blue-collar people and we’re compelled by these kinds of grassroots campaigns; we couldn’t just sit back and watch. It helps a lot that we can trust the Rotation Gives organization to get the help quickly where it’s needed right now while these victims wait for the bigger but much slower-moving assistance.

My partner Gary and I are blessed with a very talented and philanthropic minded team of big-hearted hero’s that go above and beyond for many charities.

I’d like to acknowledge my business partner and friend of 25+ years Gary Williams, Shawn Frawley (a Norristown native), Garrett Urban, Valerie Bankert and so many more who bring us worthy causes to support and volunteer their time and talent as well.

We’re honored to partner with Rotation Gives for these causes that move us to jump in and help.”

The Results

With the Axis donation as well as over 80 individual donations, and a music benefit at the Bridgeport Ribhouse that raised over $5000, Rotation Gives has been able to help over 30 families to date. 50 nights in hotels have been provided, cash and gift cards handed out to residents, generators and appliances were purchased, damaged vehicles repaired, and insurance consulting assistance provided free of charge, and more.

“All of the thanks and credit to our generous donors, local musicians, and business partners like Axis. The support and resources we have been able to put directly in the hands of those most in need have truly made a difference. There is much more to do, and we will be here helping as long as they need it.” Said Staiber.


Rotation Gives is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization based in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Axis. is a construction management company based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

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